Final Declaration XVI Infopoverty Conference

We are pleased to announce that the Final Declaration of the 16 Infopoverty Conference is now available at the following link: Final Declaration 16 IWC

As primary result we would like to underline the importance of the creation of the Goodwill ICT Coalition that aims to:

  • Offer the UN system the access to the Global Platform of Digital Services as implemented, with the contribution of the stakeholders;
  • Validate the World Food Security E-center as a new institution able to be an effective instruments to fight hunger, inviting all the participants to support it, activating in their country or organizations their relevant areas of expertise;
  • Approve the eMedMed program on telemedicine devoted to migrants and refuges, as a concrete application of ICTs to alleviate the emergency;
  • Assume the conference as a Living Network of  Knowledge, developing a great convergence to improve the evolution of the ICTs from a market-oriented to a people-centered perspective, able to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs; encouraging the role of women and that of the younger generation in this process;
  • Launch an appeal to all stakeholders to take part in the INFOPOVERTY PROGRAM 2016-2017, which endorses this statement, and will be oriented in primis towards the Least Developed Countries and the Small Island States;

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