OCCAM sponsors the Christopher D. Smithers Foundation Award.

The Christopher D. Smithers Foundation Award confirms its presence at the 73rd Mostra del Cinema


The Christopher D. Smithers Foundation Award, created in 2008 in the framework of the traditional Prizes awarded by the International Council of Film and Television at UNESCO (IFTC-UNESCO), and the Observatory on Cultural Communication at U.N. (OCCAM),  confirms its presence at the Venice Film Festival in 2016.

            The Christopher D. Smithers Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1952 by R. Brinkley Smithers in memory of his late father. Originally, the purpose of the Foundation was to carry on the charitable activities pursued by Mr. Christopher D. Smithers during his lifetime. However, after attending the Yale School of Alcohol Studies in 1956, R. Brinkley Smithers decided that the family charitable foundation should concentrate on alcohol and substance abuse.   For over 60 years the Christopher D. Smithers Foundation, Inc. has concentrated its efforts on helping and educating the public, encouraging programs for the prevention of abuse with an emphasis on high risk populations

Aware that drug taking and alcoholism, as indicated by the World Health Organization, constitute one of the major health-related issues at a global level, especially among young people, the Smithers Foundation  will give a Special Award to the movie present at the 73rd Mostra di Arte Cinematografica that best represents this issue.

The Jury is composed by: Jasmina Boijc (director UNAFF, Stanford University), Lola Poggi-Goujon (CICT-UNESCO General Secretary),  Gabriel Griffin-Hall (author),  chaired by Pierpaolo Saporito (president of OCCAM and V.President of CICT-UNESCO)
The Winner will be announced during a press conference on Friday 9 September at the Excelsior-Lido, and the Award Ceremony will held in New York.



Stella   by Sylvie Verheyde,

Bad Lieutenant   by Werner Herzog,

Svinalängorna (Beyond)  by Pernilla August,

Himizu   by Sono Sion,

Low tide .. by Roberto Minervini,

Joe    by D. Gordon Green



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