Latest news from our associated Organizations ‘Christopher D.Smithers Foundation’ and ‘CICT-UNESCO’ at the Venice Film Festival


‘Enrico Fulchignoni’ 2017

We have pleasure in announcing the unanimous decision of the jury of CICT-UNESCO, composed by: Pierpaolo Saporito, Vice-President of CICT-UNESCO, Jasmina Boijc, director of the United Nations Film festival, Gabriel Griffin, director Poetry on the Lake festival, Vittorio Giacci, director Ateneo del Cinema.

to present the Prix ‘Enrico Fulchignoni’  this year to the film

‘Human Flow’

by Ai Weiwei.

Motivation: for the mastery in narrating a tragedy of our time in  a manner which is compelling and engaging, while raising awareness with a work of active compassion, bringing into focus individuals and events.

Motivazione:  Per l’alta maestria nel narrare una epocale tragedia in modo partecipativo e coinvolgente, svolgendo un’opera di sensibilizzazione etica e di compassione attiva, facendo emergere le singole personalita e vicende.


1989: Un Petit Monastere en Toscane di Otar Ioselani

1990: Couvre Feu di Rachid Masarawi

1991: Le cri du coeur di Idrissi Ouédraogo

1992: Aguilas non cazan moscas di Sergio Cabrera

1993: Kardiogramma di Darzhan Omirbaev

1994: Small Wonders di Allen Miller

1995: Kolonel Bunker di Kujtim Cashku

1996: Strana storia di banda sonora di Francesca Archibugi

1997: Civilisées di Randa Chahal Sabbag

1998: Tsion, Auto-emancipatie di Amos Gitai

1999: Roozi Key zan shodam, di Marziyet Meshkini

2000: Porto da minha infancia di Manuel de Oliveira

2001: 11 september di Autori Vari

2002: Kamur (Fango) di Dervish Zaim

2003: Land of Plenty di Wim Wenders

2004: La passione di Giosuè l’ebreo di Pietro Scimeca

2005: La Dignidad de los nadies di Fernando Solanas

2006: Daratt di Mahamat-Saleh Haroun

2007: Corti del cinema marocchino, di Autori Vari

2008: Birdwatchers di Marco Bechis

2009: The Traveller, di Ahmed Maher

2010: Miral di Julian Schnabel

2011: Tahrir 2011, di AAVV

2012: L’intervalllo di Leonardo di Costanzo

2013: At Berkleley di Frederick Wiseman

2014: Inocente di Dave Lee

2015:  Beasts of no nation di Cary Fukunaga

2016: Hotel Salvation di Shubhashish Bhutiani




 The Christopher D. Smithers Foundation Award, in keeping with the Smithers Foundation’s mission to erase the stigma associated with addiction, is presented annually to the film which best sheds light on the struggle for social justice and the acceptance of the beliefs, differences and customs of others.

We have pleasure in announcing that The Smithers Foundation Award 2017 is presented to

“The Shape of Water

directed by Guillermo Del Toro

 “a story of differing attitudes to diversity: that of ignorance resulting in oppression and that of compassion and comprehension resulting in freedom. A  reptile-like creature is stigmatized by researchers because of his appearance, on the assumption that he is no better than a swamp animal. Thanks to the compassion and understanding of a humble cleaner he is able to demonstrate that he is more evolved than his captors. He proves his intelligence, his ability to heal and his capacity for human emotion”

The award includes a donation to the director’s charity of choice and will be presented in New York City-TBD.

For further information about the Smithers Foundation please contact Christopher B. Smithers at:

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