President Pierpaolo Saporito’s participation at the 72° Convention on Medical Informatics


In view of the 18th Infopoverty World Conference, which will be held in April 2018 at theUN Headquarters in New York, we are pleased to report OCCAM’s President, Architect Pierpaolo Saporito’s participation in “the Evolution of medical informatics in ophthalmology” talk during the Telemedicine Convention. At its 72° edition, the Convention was held on Friday 17th at Palazzo Lombardia promoted by the Lombardy Ophthalmology Society (S.O.L.).

In particular, the President’s participation focused on OCCAM’s work in the field of telemedicine, through the e-MedMed project, born in 2013 during the First Economic Forum of the Western Mediterranean and validated during the 2016 XVI Infopoverty World Conference.

The main focus of the eMedMed Project is to improve the health conditions of the Southern Mediterranean Countries thanks to the new technologies of telemedicine. In order to do so, the creation of “local hubs” was designed, in which it would be possible to make health services accessible to the whole population; increase medical and paramedical professionalism and performance through continuous e-training; give health-care assistance both remotely and to migrants during the landings on the Mediterranean shores.

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