XVIII Infopoverty World Conference


OCCAM, with its partners, is launching the 18th edition of the Infopoverty World Conference, and focuses the debate’s attention on the high inequality of the development of ICT innovations which are generally destined to wealthy end-users’ markets rather than to social growth, failing to offer solutions to fight poverty, hunger, health and to solve the most pressing global issues such as the migration and refugees crises, and to achieve universal education as stated by Sustainable Development Goals, cornerstone of the Infopoverty Programme.

How to overcome this situation is the main theme of the 18th Infopoverty World Conference, which will provide concrete facts and best practices able to prove that digital services, designed in line with the socio-economic development needs of the most disadvantaged populations, could lead to relevant results in terms of health, food security, education and climate change. In particular, the focus of the 2018 edition of the Conference is to find possible solutions taking a collective perspective to promote the highest participation by acting as a mediator between public and private sector to encourage the widest possible collectivity development.

ITU’s 2017 Report has shown that there has been a continued progress in connectivity and use of ICTs. Though, there are significant digital divides between countries and regions, and between developed and developing coutries, as mobile-broadband subscription rates are higher in Europe and in the Americas than they are in the other regions of the World.

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