Davos 2020

OCCAM President, Pierpaolo Saporito, presenting at the WEF in Davos the XX Infopoverty World Conference to be held at the UNHQ, New York, on 17th April 2020

In the occasion of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2020 in Davos, whose main theme was Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World, Pierpaolo Saporito, the President of OCCAM, presented the XX Infopoverty World Conference TOWARD THE DIGITAL SOCIETY INSPIRED BY SDGs: e-welfare for all, clean energy, circular economy, which will be held at the UN Headquarter in New York on 17th April 2020. Starting with a presentation of the Conference at the Blockbase, he then continued the discussion at the primary school on Schulstrasse 4. This year the Infopoverty Programme celebrates its twentieth anniversary and, since its foundation, it pursues the mission of fighting poverty, providing innovative technological applications that can help a large mass of poor people.

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