Since its foundation, OCCAM is chaired by Pierpaolo Saporito.

He was the first Italian to be nominated High Level Advisor of the United Nations Alliance for ICTs and Development, in recognition of the actions OCCAM has developed in the field of ICT for Development. Pierpaolo Saporito was the former President of the International Council for Film, Television and Audiovisual Communication and he is its current vice-President.

Architect and urbanist, expert in communication, journalist and director, throughout his career Pierpaolo Saporito has particularly focused on the study of community life, also in developing countries. He is founder and editor of the magazine IN, dealing with arts, fashion, architecture and design, which was distributed from 1970 to 1982 in five different international editions (USA, Latin America, France, Germany and Italy). Many among the most important artists, architects and intellectuals of the seventies gave their contribution to IN’s success; among them, R. Barthes, U. Eco, C. Jencks, Bukminster Fuller, Andy Warhol, MacLuhan, E. Sottsas, Archigram,A. Mendini, Coop Himmelblau, M. Mertz, G. Celant, E. Ambaz, J. Baudrillard, G. Pesce, P. Restany, J. Burns, A. Touraine, E. Thorsteim, J. Glusberg, R. Mayer, M. Castells. The magazine is currently considered a milestone for the post-modern movement.