Who we are

About us

OCCAM, the Observatory for Cultural and Audiovisual Communication in the Mediterranean and in the World, was established in 1997 by UNESCO. Located in Milan – Italy, it is formally associated to United Nations and it has a permanent Secretariat at the UNHQ in New York. It is chaired by Arch. Pierpaolo Saporito, High Level Adviser of the United Nations Alliance for ICTs and Development and vice president of CICT –ICFT ( International Council for Film,Television
and Audiovisual Communication). OCCAM takes actions in four continents – Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe. Its Board comprises personalities of different nationalities, such as Egyptian, French, English, American, Albanese, Honduran, Italian, and other 15 countries.

Our Mission

Throughout its history, our institution has been led by the core principle of – in the words of UN General Secretary – becoming a pilot explorer of the digital revolution. Since its foundation, in 1996, OCCAM has played a vital role in fighting poverty through the development of the ICTs. It has worked at the service of the most disadvantaged communities in the world by helping them to benefit from the new technologies and promoting a sustainable development. Its activities have contributed to eradicate extreme poverty and foster the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) promoted by the United Nations in 2000, which consist in providing primary education, struggling against poverty, reducing child mortality, improving medical care and maternal health conditions and, ensuring an environmental sustainability. The MDGs have recently evolved in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Observatory is actively working to promote a model of development aimed at the achievement of such goals.

Working with governments, NGOs, industries, UN-IGOs and academic institutions, OCCAM has become a landmark for a new approach of cooperation and a strong support to the rise of the progress achieved by disadvantaged communities through a proper use of the new technologies. With its network of 200 partners, OCCAM upholds a strong set of core values: integrity, excellence, teamwork, and respect for each other; placing service to the United Nations is our highest duty.