Global Platform of digital services for development

The Global Platform of Digital Services arises from the XVII Mediterranean Conference held in Venice in 2011, which was attended, among the others, by Serge Telle, co-president of the Union for the Mediterranean and by Youssef Amrani, Secretary General of the UfM. On that occasion it was decided to establish a working group for the realization of this platform in the programs UfM and G8 in Deauville.

OCCAM has coordinated the project and has gathered some key institutions for the different parts of the projects, namely:

  • for telemedicine: International Institute of Telemedicine and its network of 40 hospitals;
  • for food security: Faculty of Agriculture – University of Milan, with cooperation agreements in all countries of the Mediterranean;
  • for culture: CICT-UNESCO, whose members are found throughout the Mediterranean;
  • for the connectivity via satellite: Eutelsat

Also other Universities, Research Centres and Centres of Excellence in several Mediterranean countries take part to the project, according to the different areas of intervention.

The aim of the Platform is to promote the development and democratization of the developing countries, in particular the Mediterranean countries involved in the Arab Springs, through the progressive provision of digital services in the fields of health, education, food security, culture and governance via a satellite platform capable of transferring skills from centers of excellence to users located in various countries through multiple devices and broadband connections.

On one hand of the platform we find the service providers, ie the centers of excellence that provide the services; on the other, there are the service users, including governments, universities, down to small communities (ICT Village) where services are provided directly to citizens. Service providers and service users are connected through the communication infrastructure and satellite network the global platform is composed of.