Infopoverty World Conference XX – Latest News

Latest news!!

Infopoverty World Conference is postponed to 4th December 2020!

This year the theme of the Conference is going to be more actual than ever!

As the effects of the coronavirus oblige people to work online, this will undoubtedly change the future working scenarios. 

OCCAM is since its beginning on the verge of the digital innovation: now we can see how things theorized by us years ago such as Smart Working or Telemedicine, become relevant and central in the political and economic scenario. You can find further information on our projects at Occam’s wikipedia page.

Following this reasoning OCCAM will involve everyone, opening a discussion about the best solutions that each country and company has found to tackle the crisis. “Toward the Digital Society inspired by SDGs: e-welfare for all, clean energy, circular economy” will be an important milestone. Do not miss it and feel free to give us your considerations or suggestions on how society is changing and is going to become after these events!

We will constantly update you about any changes or news on the schedule.

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