Venice, 9th September 2016

On 9th of September 2016, at the Venice Film Festival  the Christopher D. Smithers Foundation Award, created in 2008 in the framework of the traditional Prizes awarded by the International Council of Film and Television at UNESCO (IFTC-UNESCO), and the Observatory on Cultural Communication at UN (OCCAM), has been assigned to the movie THE BLEEDER by Philippe Falardau.
The film revolves around the dissolute life, between alcohol and drugs, of the heavyweight boxer Chuck Wepner and his 1975 fight with the heavyweight champion, Muhammad Alì.

The movie has been chosen through an attentive selection of the values which characterize the Christopher D. Smithers Foundation, the delicate fighting against the abuse of alcohol and the addiction to drugs

The Jury was composed by:

  • Jasmina Boijc (founder and director UNAFF, Stanford University)
  • Pierpaolo Saporito (President of OCCAM, the UN Observatory on Cultural Communication and v.president of CICT-UNESCO)
  • Gabriel Griffin-Hall (Author and Poet)
  • Eliana Bantchev (CICT-UNESCO General Secretary Delegate).

THE BLEEDER has been selected for the expressive force with which this biopic portrays a fighter, whose great physical strength and ability to take blows in the ring, does not at first translate into the ability to cope with both success and subsequent failure in life, resulting in his succumbing to alcohol and drugs, from which eventually he finds the strength in himself to emerge, becoming an example to be held up to younger generations.

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The Christopher D. Foundation Award

Stella   by Sylvie Verheyde,
Bad Lieutenant   by Werner Herzog,
Svinalängorna (Beyond)  by Pernilla August,
Himizu   by Sono Sion,
Low tide .. by Roberto Minervini,
Joe    by D. Gordon Green

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