A message from the President of OCCAM, Mr. Pierpaolo Saporito

The XX Infopoverty World Conference was supposed to take place on April 17, 2020, but due to the current circumstances, we postponed to 4th December 2020! Please visit our website occam.org for more information and updates. On the occasion, here’s a message from the President of OCCAM, Mr. Pierpaolo Saporito:

Dear friends

The 20th Infopoverty World Conference was scheduled for today, April 17 2020, to be held at the UNHQ as tradition dictates. Unfortunately, the current events forced us to postpone it to December 4, 2020, at the UNHQ, on UNTV as usual. 

This edition was particularly and long-awaited as it dealt with the interesting topic of the new digital society and its functional features activated through the digital services, namely e-learning, telemedicine, food-security and e-commerce. OCCAM has played a pioneering role in the promotion of such services as it has been implementing them since 2000; starting from their successful testing in the ICT Villages of Africa and South America, OCCAM has developed scenarios based on e-welfare for all, enabling new generations to secure the values of the UN-promulgated SDGs.

As for today, the ever-growing turmoil involving humanity as a whole is revealing the most deep weaknesses of the system, as well as highlighting how the digital revolution has created many possibilities for all and applications disclosing themselves as tools of salvation and construction of the new world. 

Nothing will ever be the same, and the new generations will be called to manage this process, already started successfully in universities and research centers. 

These forced experiments, aimed at finding solutions to be consolidated in a new digital anthropology, will involve us all.

It will be up to all of us to evolve, abandoning obsolete decision-making systems and socio-political structures that can no longer guarantee the well-being of the people. 

We must move towards an “Entelechia” of the digital society that has already manifested in the past, for example in the cases of Athens, Florence or New York, which flourished again after the upheavals of war and epidemics that shaped its formation. This process of Entelechia (envisaged in the four sessions in which the conference is held) will be monitored by us through monthly seminars that will be activated on our platform (please check our website or social media for updates). These seminars will be attended by both top experts and minimal protagonists of these events. 

OCCAM will also endeavor to report possible negative deviations that may occur due to chaotic pressures in such tumultuous events. In doing so, OCCAM will consolidates its mission as Observatory on Digital Communication, a useful reference for all those who care about the fate of humanity, for the first time threatened in its entirety, and which not only has to face epidemiological contrast, but needs also to affirm more strongly the fight against poverty in a greater respect for the environmental values of our planet, our home.

Hoping to meet all of you very soon, I wish you to stay safe and healthy in this challenging time. 


Arch. Pierpaolo Saporito

President of OCCAM

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