Coming soon the XVI Infopoverty World Conference

Few days left to the XVI Infopoverty World Conference, that to be held in the 14-15th April 2016, Conference Room 12, United Nations Headquarters, New York (reported on UNTV).

The theme of this year is: “ICTs as the tools for everyone to achieve dignity and freedom”. The programme and the agenda of the Conference are avaible in the following article.

We remember you that the Infopoverty World Conference started in 2001 on the wave of the proclamation of the Millennium Development Goals and points out yearly the new developments, introducing especially the most innovative solutions and the best practices elaborated by the United Nations system, governments and the civil society.
The Conference addressed, in these 14 years of activity, all of the issues related to the Millennium Development Goals, with more than 1,700 speakers and about 2,000 solutions proposals linked to the digital innovation, it gave birth to 850 projects in coordination with over 1800 public and private institutions in more than 60 countries.
The Infopoverty World Conference represents, for its continuity, operational capability, strong interoperability with the UN system and unique in its kind, a global forum on the digital revolution in continuous development due to its Infopoverty community, formed by leading experts, academics, opinion leaders, managers, government officials, philanthropists and artists.
It is held at the UN Hearquarters in New York and in multiple sessions connected by videoconference, such as Milan, Paris (UNESCO seat),Brussels (European Commission), Geneva (ITU seat) and places in African and Latin America where activities of the Infopoverty Programme are ongoing or at the early stages.
It is the most important event organized at the UN Headquarters dealing with new technologies to fight poverty. It signals and validates the progresses in this field and gathers on a yearly basis dozens of high level speakers representing all major stakeholders in the field of ICT for Development: Governments, international organizations of the UN Family, companies, centres of research, universities, NGOs.
It is the perfect occasion where to showcase innovative solutions that are of particular relevance to final users of emerging countries and that can be included in projects of international organizations.

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